The Carlington Summit

Recently laid off? Back in the job market after having a baby? Out of work three years and EI benefits long since exhausted? Feeling ill-equipped for the job search? Need the latest on training or upgrading opportunities? Help is just around the corner!

Carlington Community and Health Services (CCHS) at 900 Merivale Road offers area residents a wide array of employment assistance services.

Don't Lose Time!

If you're on Employment Insurance (formerly UI), it's important not to delay. Remember, benefit levels are lower under the new legislation, which took effect July 1. EI benefits also run out sooner now, so it's important to look into what's available early. As a community-based multi-service agency, CCHS has been in the business of serving job-seekers for eight years. The staff there really know the ropes.

Carlington's Employment Counsellor is Nohad Abomansour. She has helped hundreds of unemployed clients get back on their feet after losing their jobs or being out of work for a while. She can help you take stock of your total situation, and work with you on your own action plan for getting back to work quickly.

Serving The Whole Person

If it's computer skills or practice that you need, Carlington can help you to access these. They can also get your résumé onto the Internet and/or other national employment registries. CCHS works closely with local educational institutions, so can put you in touch with a variety of course offerings to help you to get ready for new workplace challenges. If you have a viable idea for starting your own business, CCHS can point you towards valuable help and information. And they often know of volunteer opportunities that can enrich both your life and your résumé.

Preparing for a job interview, dealing with the stress of unemployment, building your self-esteem, achieving a balanced lifestyle -- these are just some of the workshop topics offered by CCHS to past clients. And if it's family difficulties that are hampering your return to work, the Centre provides on-site counselling services with referrals as needed. CCHS can also link you up with local job-seekers' support groups and job-finding clubs if you think these would be helpful.

Unemployment Affects Health

Unemployment isn't good for your health. If you would like more information, call Nohad Abomansour at 722-4000, extension 234. Carlington Community and Health Services is located at 900 Merivale Road, Ottawa - just a few steps south of Westgate Shopping Centre.