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Hi everyone!

The joy and the horror of September is here! The joy for parents as the little ones return to school and the horror for the little ones returning to their studies. Hope you all had a great summer in spite of the weather. The staff of volunteers at the Westend Family Cinema is getting ready for their 20th year of presenting family movies for the community. The action takes place every Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. and every third Friday evening at 7:15 p.m. the place is the auditorium of Notre Dame High School on Broadview Avenue, just off Carling.

The Cinema is a non-profit community theatre and a registered charity, operating in Ottawa since 1975, and presents family entertainment in a friendly environment for parents and children. Modern projection equipment is used to present new family movies on a big 35 x 12 foot screen with Dolby® Stereo Surround Sound®.

Memberships are $15 per family and, with a membership, most movie ticket prices are just $2 per person. Non-members are also welcome to the Cinema at $4 per child and $5 per adult. The new wide-screen version of Flipper opens on Saturday September 21st with the first Friday evening showing this season on September 27th, a special screening of the blockbuster, Twister. Coming September 28th is the new Disney animated musical adventure, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame. Watch out for big screen action in Mission Impossible starring Tom Cruise and the return of Toy Story for it's final Ottawa showing. The epic adventure blockbuster Independence Day will be presented in CinemaScope® a wide screen process and DTS Digital Theatre Surround® sound and will be a sure hit with both young and old.

Memberships and advance tickets are on sale at the Cinema during regular hours of operation and the Cinema offers special rates for Birthday parties and groups. It's a great place to see great new family movies and older classics in your own neighbourhood. Memberships are limited and sell out fast every year so get yours before they all go.

Special events are very popular at the Westend Family Cinema and many are planned for their 20th year of operation. In cooperation with The Independent Child Caregivers' Association, the Cinema will host the famous family entertainer Eric Nagler of television's Eric's World, who will be making a personal appearance at a family extravaganza to celebrate National Children's Day on November 23rd.

There's also the annual Christmas and Hallowe'en movie-parties as well as another 3-D classic, It Came From Out Space. It promises to be a very special year for the cinema.

Muppet Treasure Island Word Search Winners!

Thanks to the many young folk who entered the Disney Muppet word search contest in the June issue of the Summit. We again had a large number of entries! The first all correct entries picked from all who entered included ...

Congratulations to all you wonderful problem solvers! The answers to the word search are printed below in the answer key. Hope you enjoy your great gifts. You will be getting a call and can pick your prize up at the Westend Family cinema.

Now try your expertise at this month's new Flipper colouring contest.

Here's your chance to win a puzzle or game plus Disney comics (worth up to $20). Just sit down and print out and COLOUR in the picture, and add your name, age, address, postal code and phone number. Send to:

Flipper Movie Colouring Contest,
The Summit,
c/o 120 Anna Ave;
Ottawa, ON K1Z 7T6

Closing date is October 15th., 1996. Best of Luck!

The first five correct entries picked from all received will be winners. The names of the winners will be published in the next edition of the Summit.

Brendan's Joke Corner

Every week Brendan picks the best jokes sent into the Summit or from his own research. If you have a favorite joke or riddle send it the same address as the movie quiz and Brendan will send you two movie tickets. Here are the best from September:

THIEF: Quick! The police are coming! Jump out the window!

ACCOMPLICE: But we're on the thirteenth floor!

THIEF: This is no time to be superstitious.

"Waiter, this coffee tastes like mud."

"Well, sir, it was just ground this morning."

"How did you get that flat tire?"

"Ran over a milk bottle."

"But didn't you see it?"

"No - the kid had it hidden under his coat."

"I think I have measles."

"That's a RASH thing to say."

SIMON: Which side of the bed do you sleep on?

DOPEY DAN: The top side of course.

Send your best jokes now, to the Summit address on this page!

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