The Carlington Summit

September 30 to October 4 is Meals on Wheels Week. Almost everyone has heard of Meals on Wheels, but have you actually thought about who uses it and why? Could it help you or a family member now or in the future?

Meals on Wheels serves people of all ages by providing nutritional support when people are unable to do so on their own. Hot meals are delivered Monday to Friday, over the noon hour, by volunteers. Besides delivering the meal, the volunteers have a quick visit with the client and ensure that everything is as it should be. If there is no answer, or the client is unwell, the volunteers alert the office staff, who then telephone the client's contact.

The client may be a frail senior person who is no longer able to prepare adequate meals. such a person will likely use the service on a long-term basis. Often, such a client may attend a day program one or two days a week and use Meals on Wheels on the other days. Another client may just not have the energy temporarily to prepare meals, due to a short term illness. By using Meals on Wheels for a week or two, the person can return to good health more quickly. A pregnant woman on bed-rest may need Meals on Wheels at this time, when good nutrition is essential, or a new mother may use the service for a week or two after returning home, if adequate help is not available to lend a hand with meal preparation. The situations are countless, but one thing they all have in common is that, with good nutritional support and the friendly visit of the volunteer, they are able to maintain or improve their health and independence at home.

The King's Daughter Dinner Wagon provides Meals on Wheels in Ottawa, Vanier and Rockcliffe. Call 233-2424 for more information.