The Carlington Summit
by Irene Fronc.

There has been a lot happening at the Carlington Community Police Centre over the Summer. Throughout the summer, the Police Centre has been keeping up-to-date on incidents that have occurred in the Carlington Community. Here is a partial list of the crimes were committed during the month of July alone:

Damage to Vehicle / Theft From Vehicle

There were 10* incidents on the following streets. The number in brackets (n) indicates the number of crimes committed on that street: Anna Ave. (1), Caldwell Ave. (2), Dorchester Ave. (1), Fisher Ave. (2), Lepage Ave. (1), Morissette Ave. (1), Raven Ave. (1), and Woodward Ave. (1).

Residential Break and Enter

There were 29* incidents. These are the streets that were affected: Anna Ave. (1), Caldwell Ave. (4), Coldrey Ave. (2), Crerar Ave. (1), Dorchester Ave. (2), King St. (1), Kingston Ave. (1), Larose Ave. (1), Mayview Ave (2), Merivale Rd. (4), Morissette Ave. (3), Rosenthal Ave. (1), Shillington Ave. (3), Summerville Ave. (1) and Trenton St. (2).

* not including statistics from July 8-14 and July 29-31.

As a quick note, please make sure that, when not occupying a vehicle, all doors are locked and windows closed. Also, do not leave anything valuable in your vehicle. If you must leave items in your vehicle, place them out of sight or in your trunk.

If you would like more information about securing your vehicle or home, please contact the Carlington Community Police Centre at 236-1222 ext. 5814 or 5815.