The Carlington Summit

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Ashcroft Wants Large Commercial Store Opposite Farm

Late last year, the property known as the "Clyde-Merivale Lands" was sold by the region to developer, Ashcroft Homes. During our most recent meeting, city councillor Karin Howard reported Ashcroft had submitted a request to have a portion of the property re-zoned. This request would directly affect the construction of a large commercial grocery store along Merivale Road across from the farm.

During an informal briefing by Ashcroft in March of this year, the CCA and Mrs. Howard believed that the area was being largely developed for residential use. We do not want the Merivale commercial strip extended to the area facing the farm. We feel it will contribute toward further erosion of this valuable and threatened green space. There is strong legal opposition by a large grocery store chain to halt the construction of a rival store at its doorstep. However, this does not prevent any other type of commercial giant from moving in to the same location.

What overall affect this will have on the Experimental Farm is unknown. Will the farm-land that borders Merivale Road now be subject for review so that further commercial expansion can be allowed along that strip? The Ashcroft re-zoning proposal is currently under review with the City of Ottawa planners. Ashcroft has advised Karin Howard's office that the are planning a public meeting to discuss this issue. Please stay tuned folks.

Carlington Woods Environmentally Sensitive

A motion was passed by the CCA directors to have Carlington Woods declared an environmentally sensitive area. The CCA requested Karin Howard present this motion at the next city council. Many individuals are unaware of the damage that has been caused thus far by bike and pedestrian traffic through this area.