The Carlington Summit

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Ashcroft Development

On October 8, 1997, I hosted a public meeting to give Carlington residents an opportunity to meet with the developers of Ashcroft Homes. The focus of the evening was the proposed re-zoning of residential land to commercial in order to accommodate a large food store.

A vote was taken and it was clear that the area residents do not support the re-zoning of the additional residential land. The public also demanded that every effort be made to maintain all the currently zoned parkland with the the Ashcroft development; the developer has agreed.

Many of the residents signed up to form a small Working Group which will work with Ashcroft Homes to resolve the contentious issues surrounding the development. The first meeting of the Working Group was scheduled for November 4, 1997.

An additional vote was taken that evening, and the message was loud an clear: Carlington residents do not want to take traffic from the Amresco lands (west side near Clyde) out onto Merivale. We do not want more than our fair share of traffic and expect Maitland to take its fair share of traffic.