The Carlington Summit

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Central Park Development

The City and Region have been working closely together to deal with issues surrounding the new development by Ashcroft on the Clyde/Merivale lands south of Carlington. Recently the former Assaly parcel was also acquired by the developer and plans are underway to integrate both sides of the new community.

One significant issue is the proposed road access for the combined sites which was the subject of considerable controversy between Copeland Park and Carlington residents when this development was originally proposed years ago. At that time the Ontario Municipal Board determined that both communities would "share the pain" by splitting traffic access between Merivale on one side and Clyde/Maitland on the other. It is now proposed that all traffic be routed onto Merivale Road, and a study update is underway to determine the traffic impact of this possibility.

If you would like more information or to be made aware of opportunities to comment as this proposal advances through planning approvals at the Region, please call my office.