The Carlington Summit

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We are keeping a close eye on the Ashcroft Central Park development and have met with the Copeland Park Community Alliance. The two associations jointly made the case to the City that no further construction should be approved until there is a master plan for the whole development, and in fact a master plan is now before the Region and City.

Public input to this plan is important. Residents' reactions do make a difference: for example, the developer has withdrawn its application for a "big box" store on Merivale Road and is submitting a plan that shows two smaller stores. If you would like to work with other residents on an official CCA response to the master plan, please contact us at 728-4946.

We have encouraged residents of Central Park to speak up for themselves and look forward to working with them in forming a residents' association.

During the summer, Ashcroft asked the mayor's office twice for exemptions to the City's noise by-laws. The first time, the CCA was asked to comment on the application, which was to permit construction before 9 am on Saturdays to get the subdivision finished and let workers take advantage of the cooler morning hours.

Two members of our executive went door to door in Central Park and discovered that a majority of residents opposed earlier construction on Saturdays. Although we passed this recommendation on, the mayor's office approved the exemption. At our August meeting, it was reported that the trades working on Saturday mornings had made an effort to keep indoors and keep the noise down, but that there had been some infractions on Sunday mornings, which were ticketed.