The Carlington Summit

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Ashcroft - Central Park Development

Very little has happened in the way of further development approvals since early summer. Both the City and Region are awaiting a Final Draft Composite Plan for the entire site as well as a revised traffic impact study. When Phase 1 b) was approved, Regional Council put a condition on the registration of all subsequent phases (namely, that the stormwater treatment facility be build and operating to the Region's satisfaction), and that condition has still not been met.

On Thursday, October 8th, a public meeting was held for all residents of Central Park to allow local government representative to answer concerns and help new residents find assistance with problems they seem to be encountering as this development progresses.

Residents of Carlington should be assured that no decisions have been made with regard to the currently required 3 access (2 on Merivale Rd. and 1 at Clyde/Maitland) as decided by the Ontario Municipal Board. As soon as a firm concept plan is received and processed, RMOC will provide an opportunity for public input. Regional staff have assured me that they will require a political buy-in to any changes so this matter will also have to come back to Planning & Environment Committee at the Region for approval. This will be another formal chance to make your views known. Dates and times for these meetings will be publicized as soon as they are available.