The Carlington Summit

This is only an excerpt from the complete article.

Central Park

On November 18, 1998 stakeholders met to discuss the draft Concept Plan for the former "Clyde-Merivale" lands. City and Regional planners, Ashcroft's David Choo and two technical assistance, Central Park residents, and Carlington Community Association (CCA) Executive talked about traffic flow, entrances onto Merivale and Clyde, design of the central park, recreation facilities and the storm water pond. The meeting was very informative and well orchestrated by President Mark Lavinskas.

Kirkwood residents affected by the development were present, but also residents within Central Park are developing a cohesive voice, with a distinct view. I feel that we are well informed and organized sufficiently to manage the issues in the next few months.

Once the new traffic study is completed, planning decisions can be made. That may not happen until February, or March. The draft Concept Plan, then, may not be out for community consultation until spring, 1999.

Commercial Site Plan

I circulated flyers to adjacent residents regarding the revised site plan for the commercial development along Merivale, just north of the entrance onto Central Park Drive. Since there were no negative comments, the plan was approved.

Construction can hopefully begin now so that residents can enjoy completed shops instead of a bare construction site. There may be on drive-through coffee shop, a row of stores and another freestanding building.