The Carlington Summit
by Matthew Darwin.

Welcome to the monthly update about news and views from Central Park. During the summer months, the development process at the City and the Region slows while people are on vacation, but it doesn't mean that nothing is happening... far from it.


If you have passed by Merivale Road near Central Park Drive you will have seen some construction going on in the front part of the development: a future Tim Hortons is well under construction. Further back in the lot, construction of a mini-mall of 6 stores has just begun.

Further back in the development, construction of the long-awaited stormwater treatment pond is well underway. A fairly large hole has been blasted, and a large pile of crushed stone. Near the pond, the infrastructure is being installed to support the rest of the Central Park ring-road.

On the housing front, we have welcomed many new neighbours this summer. Construction is also continuing along Trump Avenue and Whitestone Drive. Construction of the “Smarter Starter” homes is also underway over by Nortel.

Third Access

This summer, the Central Park Citizens Group surveyed local residents to determine the desirability of a third access out of the development (in addition to the two exits to Merivale Road.) The results were that over 60% of households were in favour of a third access. Residents were especially concerned about access to the development in emergency situations.

What's Up Next?

Now that summer is almost over, discussions with the City and the Region will undoubtedly resume their hectic pace of this spring. One of the major projects for this fall is the design of the Central Park around the stormwater pond.

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