The Carlington Summit

Welcome to the 17th year of the Carlington Summit. We are proud of our community newspaper and have worked hard to bring together news and information about the community in which we live. In this issue you will find a number of stories about events and activities in our neighbourhood. You will also find our Community Calendar, which collates information on dates and contacts for as many groups as we could identify.

The Carlington Summit is a not-for-profit community newspaper. The paper is published once a month, September to June, and welcomes all contributions of community news and events. Some articles may need to be edited for length, but we attempt to publish all that we receive. Pictures are most welcome!

Our efforts are all volunteer, and a special thank-you goes out to all those past and present that have contributed to our collective effort.

We also thank our advertisers (without whom we could not exist), and Runge Press in Renfrew for their patience and consistently good service.

Finally, we extend a warm welcome to “The Westboro Hampton Park News”, a new community newspaper distributing in the Carlington area.