The Carlington Summit
by Angela Darwin.

Last year, the 172nd Guide Company had a fun-filled year. The Guiders and 20 girls were kept busy with all sorts of activities such as the Halloween party and snowshoe outing.

We worked on program, several badges, played games and sang songs. At our year end camp from May 28-31, 1999, we slept in tents and our activities included a pond study, games and making beads for necklaces.

At our last meeting, we had badge presentations and the advancement of our two senior girls to Pathfinders. If this sounds fun to you contact Angela Darwin at 722-4681 for more information.


The 172nd Guide Company. Back row: Angela Darwin, Melissa McLean, Jennifer Lloyd, Erin Renwick, Kelsey Wentworth, Jessica LaRocque, Sinead McLoughlin, Angela Renwick, Tabitha Robertson, Cynthia Bernstein, Krista Cummings, Christine Hughes, Erin Coe. Front row: Kelly Hoffman, Tash Tremblay, Tara Kelly, Jennifer Neve, Lesya Nakoneczny, Jessica Moffatt, Casey Berrea, Beverly Clunis. Missing: Adrianna Cote, Vanessa Lafleur.