The Carlington Summit

Back to school for mom and dad

by Carlington Community and Health Services.

Literacy is a barrier for many Canadians as well as immigrants who have lived in Canada for a long time and are citizens. Carlington Community and Health Services offers an adult literacy program so that grown-ups can gain the reading and writing skills that their children take for granted.

The program has many advantages for its adult students:

Support for the program comes from the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board which provides teachers and from CCHS itself which provides a room, child care and transportation (thanks to a private foundation) four days a week.

But we still need help for fees and books. Each new student must pay $10 for school supplies at the beginning of the school year; for some this is a financial burden that they cannot meet. Another need is for special books for adult learners – stories written for grown-ups who read at a low literacy level.

We need:

Student fees........$10 each
Adult learner books.....$15 each

Can you help other adults “catch up” - to their kids, on the news, with the rest of society?

Call Anne Joyce at 722-4000 about adoption.

Carlington Community and Health services is a non-profit community-based health centre:

Our staff and volunteers work together to achieve these goals. For information on becoming a volunteer or a member, please call us at 722-4000.