The Carlington Summit

Carlington's chaplain Sue Taylor was honoured this summer by the Ottawa-Carleton Community Foundation for her generous involvement for and with the Carlington area. On June 10, she received the People's Award during a ceremony at the Museum of Civilization.

Sue, a United Church minister, is the driving force behind the Carlington Chaplaincy, which has been operating in the community for over 11 years.

She used the occasion of her award to share with her peers some meaningful examples of her dedication to the people of this community.

A slide projection reminded everyone what her work is all about. One slide showed a group of young musicians and in another, youngsters enjoying story time. In another slide, the familiar faces in the women's group looked on as Sue explained the advocacy group, the knit stitch and hook group and shared with all the enthusiasm of those preparing for a camping trip.

Above all, she shared what is most meaningful in her work as chaplain: that of being there for both the physical and spiritual needs of those in the community.

Those in the community congratulate Sue and would like to express sincere appreciation for her untiring work and her dedication to the people of Carlington.

The Carlington chaplaincy is open seven days a week at the Strong Hold Community Home (1465 Caldwell Ave, Apt. 102). Programs are operated by volunteers from the chaplaincy and Bellevue Manor Tenants' Association, as well as Carlington Community and Health Services.


Sue Taylor at one of the many potluck dinners she has helped organize.