The Carlington Summit

Great news for Alexander Community Association: Chantal Poirier was one of the very talented dancers who won in the semi-finals at the Youth Talent Contest on August 29th which took place at the Central Canada Exhibition. She then proceeded to the finals later that day and won a cash prize.

Congratulations to all those who participated in the contest as well as the parents and siblings who came out to support us. Special Thanks to Maria Mespolet and Natalie O'Byrne who prepared the girls for this event. We would also like to congratulate Danika, Ashley, Jessica, Tabetha, Anik and Chantal for representing Dance Alliance in such a positive manner. Way to go girls!

Registration for Dance Alliance was on Saturday Sept 18th. The Saturday Dance program is a wonderful success and there are now over 200 participants dancing with us. Classes resumed on September 25th after a long summer break.