The Carlington Summit

On Sunday August 15, 1999 the Second Annual Basketball Tournament “Slam Jam” was held in Alexander park. Over 200 people participated in the events of the day which included Pony Rides, Cotton Candy and Snow Cone Machines, special events put on by the City of Ottawa Alexander lifeguards, and a B.B.Q. The bands “Stumble” and “Finnegan” performed for free as a way of supporting area youth.

The basketball tournament attracted 20 teams and everyone had great games. Winners in the three divisions were: The Kings, comprised of Jermaine Smith, Thyekia Elliot, Maurice Savory, and Paul Anglade; The Young Bloods who were Mouhyadine Ismael, Abdulwahah Mousa, Nasser Awaleh and Abdirashid Haile; and The Rim Rockers who were Abdi Yussuf, Yusuf Abdi, Isaml and Ahmed.

Special thanks to all those who volunteered their help or prizes for the day including members of Dance Alliance and the Alexander Community Association, Radio Stations Kool F.M, Chez 106 and The Bear as well as local businesses Food Basics, Loblaws, C.D. Warehouse, CJOH and Max Keeping and The New R.O.

A special thank you also goes to the Ottawa Fire Department who gave a thrilling sky rescue demonstration and The Ottawa Police for coming out and donating prizes. Kudos also go to the organizer of the event, Tracey Lajeunesse and her group of youth referees and volunteers. Next year, look for the tournament to take place in July and we hope to see everyone back.

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