The Carlington Summit
by Bruce Bradshaw.

The CCA executive meets on or about the second Monday of every month. October's meeting was held at Carlington Community and Health Services in the multi-purpose room. We had visitors from the city, the Westboro/Hampton Park News, and community residents. Some of the highlights are as follows.

Finalization of the legal documents for the incorporation of the CCA.

We only have 30 paid CCA memberships. A Membership sub-committee has been formed to increase public awareness of the association's activities and the benefits of the committee. We are looking for volunteers for a membership drive. Interested individuals or organizations should contact a CCA executive member.

The Carlington Snowboard and Sliding Hill (“The Carlington Snowpark”) will be operational this year and the city has promised to enforce the local parking by-laws to avoid traffic impacts on neighbouring streets. Parking will be available at the Dulude arena and the regional snow dump facilities. The operator has promised the CCA to maintain a safe and clean operation, to be available and to be responsive to community concerns. The Canadian Ski Patrol will help supervise the operations.

Local traffic issues were discussed and reported on by city staff.

City councilor Bickford shared his views on Glen Shortliffe's report on municipal restructuring, the so-called third access issue and other local issues.

Regional Councillor Stewart was unable to attend but submitted her usual thorough report to the Association. Highlights of the report included Central Park developments, municipal restructuring, light rail and OC Transpo.

We also discussed getting funding for more small community ice rinks, specifically near Harrold Place. Apparently the city can help supply boards and hoses but no staff or significant funding.

As usual, a large part of the present and past executives' time and energy is spent keeping involved with the Central Park residential, commercial and recreational developments. After a relatively quiet summer the executive will probably decide to launch an OMB appeal on behalf of the community for an additional access point to the development on Clyde and or Baseline. The CCA executive believes that Carlington and Central Park residents will not be well served by limiting access to and from the site via Merivale Road only. The executive will try to convince the OMB that the so-called third option is viable and in the greater community's best interest.

A number of residents have expressed their concerns about traffic on our streets. Provision of an additional access point to the development will not likely reduce the traffic impact on Carlington and the community will have to continue to explore options to reduce unnecessary cut-through traffic and speeding. The executive is not presently aware of any city or region plans for new traffic studies or calming measures for Carlington.

As always Carlington residents are encouraged to talk with the executive members or come out to our meetings and share your concerns.

The association's primary funding comes from your paid annual association memberships, please help a worthwhile cause.

Executive meetings are monthly on Mondays. The next two are as follows: Tuesday, Nov 9 and Tuesday Dec 14, 1999.


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Jim MacLean (Secretary)