The Carlington Summit

A note from Greg

Due to some last minute editorial deficiencies (I failed to ask for help in a timely manner), and troubles between software, last month we published some errors in a few articles and the Community Gardeners' Recipes. I apologize to our contributors for these mistakes. The corrected versions of the recipes appear later in this paper. Our apologies to anyone who made the Green Tomato Chowder or Fruit Ketchup with 3 cups of pickling spice instead of the correct 1/4 cup.*

We (I) also failed to recognize the contributions of Laurie Joe, Marlene Catterall, Garry Hogan and Lorena Morris in last month's Contributors' List. Thank you again to the very many people who help out with the Carlington Summit.

* Our apologies also to Ali Hosein whose name we misspelled last month.