The Carlington Summit

[Set the scene: Dark night with a full moon. Lots of children screaming.] On Monday, October 25, the 172nd Guides and the 92nd Brownies joined forces for a night of scary fun at Saunders Farm in Munster.

When we arrived at the farm, we were greeted by some unusual and frightful creatures. Our first stop of the evening was the Barn of Terror. It was here the screams were most prevalent as the skeletons moved, various ghouls and goblins jumped out at us and the stones beneath our feet sank like quicksand. We wandered (thankfully still alive) to the mazes, where we seemed to meander aimlessly until we reached the lookout. From there, we braved the Haunted Hayride through the back forest of Saunders Farm.

Special thanks to all the parents that came with us and provided transportation. Thanks also to Saunders Farm who offered reduced rates to members of Girl Guides during the week before Halloween.