The Carlington Summit

Your community association is currently gearing up to canvass the entire Carlington community. The purpose is twofold.

Our first purpose is to increase our paid membership. Membership is only $5.00, and it imposes no obligations – but it does provide some benefits, including an opportunity to vote on matters of local or more widespread community interest, and to vote in the election of the next executive at the 2000 annual general meeting. It also supplements the resources of the association and enhances its ability to do its job – following up with the City of Ottawa representatives on issues of concern to the Carlington Community. It enables us to print flyers to keep you advised on these issues, etc.

Membership will also help legitimise the CCA in its role of representing the community.

The immediate task in this regard is our appearance before the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) in early 2000. City staff and strong representations from neighbouring communities have shafted the Carlington community, by having all the traffic generated by Central Park exiting onto Merivale Road. As a matter of fairness, it is our position, supported by a fair and reasonable assessment of the facts, that it would be fair, reasonable, and not beyond existing traffic capacity, for at least a third exit from Central Park to be constructed at the Clyde/Maitland intersection.

To have credibility with the OMB, it is vital that we can show we have support, by memberships, of a good number of Carlington residents.

In the coming weeks, a volunteer from the CCA will be calling at your door to solicit your support. The support we are seeking is simple. First, the purchase of a CCA membership – remember – it's only five dollars! Second, your support for our application to the OMB to have traffic fairness. If you agree that Merivale Road should not bear all of the Central Park traffic, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

If you can help us with canvassing the community, please let us know. Call 725-3175 and leave your name and number. We will get back to you.