The Carlington Summit
by Matthew Darwin and Bruce Cole.

Welcome to Tim Hortons

The new Tim Hortons at the corner of Merivale and Central Park has been open since the beginning of November. The Central Park Citizens Group welcomes its owner/operators, Carole and Gilles Masse to Central Park. There appear to be steady line-ups at the drive-through window during rush hour every morning.

Intrusive Lighting from Commercial Block

The CPCG asked the City, via Councillor Jim Bickford's office to look into the lighting on the new commercial block. With the new lights, residents along the east side of Celebration Street and the south side of Festive Private don't need lights in their homes at night -- they just need to open their blinds.

A member of the City staff was assigned to look into the situation. This person has found several items that need to be addressed. The CPCG's main concern of the flood/spot-lights has been addressed. Both the developer and Tim Hortons head office have been advised by letter that the situation must be remedied. The investigating official from the city has been in direct contact with the construction manager at Tim Hortons Enterprises and they will comply as instructed. Appropriate deflectors and/or hoods should put over all the structural flood/spot-lights in the near future.

Construction Update

Central Park drive is now paved all the way around the loop. A number of new homes are going in along this new road, including part of the “Smarter Starter” homes near Nortel. With the construction of new homes, the roadway has a lot of construction materials, so they're not the best for driving.

The Storm Water Pond is taking shape. Much of the grading is now done so the approximate shape and size can now be seen. It still doesn't have any water yet, however.

Social Committee

At the last CPCG Board meeting, a motion was presented and passed to create a social committee. This is a great way to get involved in the community on in a less formal way. The CPCG anticipates that this activity will be of interest to many in the community who either wish to initiate an activity or participate.

Holiday Spirit

The first activity of the Social Committee is to organize a contest for best decorated home for the holiday season. On December 11th, Central Park residents can vote for best decorated home. First prize is a $100 gift certificate to Home Depot.