The Carlington Summit

A unique collaboration between CCHS and the Ottawa chapter of the Ontario Chiropractic Association allows Carlington Community and Health Services to offer a Chiropractic Clinic at no charge to low income clients. Approximately 35 local chiropractors volunteer their expertise one morning every one to three months in the Clinic. Serving an average of 250 clients per month, the clinic is the highest-capacity service at CCHS.

“We really cherish the clinic,” says Phil Moorman, Manager of Primary Care and Intervention. “There is no other way for people without financial means to access these services.”

The clinic was created after Dr. Dirk Keenan heard Executive Director Michael Birmingham speak at a West Ottawa Rotary Club meeting. A partnership with the Rotary Club helped get the project started, and it has been growing ever since. “I am in love with the project,” says Dr. Keenan. “It is one of the best things chiropractors in Ottawa have ever done.”

Dr. Patricia Spratt is a regular volunteer and is also the clinical co-ordinator in charge of scheduling and managing the volunteer chiropractors. “It is a big job, and we really appreciate her efforts,” says Dr. Keenan.

Christina Lauzon is the CCHS Chiropractic Case Manager. Two CCHS volunteers assist in the clinic, escorting patients to and from the room and remaining in the room during treatment. “They are my eyes and ears, and play an important role in relating information pertaining to each patient's care,” says Christina.

Low income individuals can access the clinic through referrals from community chiropractors or CCHS.

Patients come to the service with a variety of problems, such as headaches, neck pain, stress, low back pain, and joint problems. In keeping with the health promotion and team approach of CCHS, the service also offers information about stretches, exercises, and nutrition, as well as posture tips.

Patient feedback has been excellent, and the clinic continues to grow. If you are interested in more information about the clinic's services, please phone 722-4000, ext. 257.