The Carlington Summit

We come again to another Christmas and although we celebrate much the same from year to year it seems to this one is somehow different. As we prepare to welcome the year 2000, there are people who see this approaching time as filled with doom and gloom, a time of death and destruction. Some say this approaching year signals the end of the world. They refer to this impending catastrophe as that which is spoken about in the Book of Revelation. The word that is given to it is “apocalypse”.

The word apocalypse is Greek and it means to reveal or uncover that which is hidden. So in its true sense, it reveals the mystery and beauty of life. So apocalypse is not a negative at all, it does not speak of death and destruction but rather new beginnings, and new life. How then do we explain this difference between what might appear a loss, the end, and the reality of new beginnings, of new life?

The answer is one word - Jesus. He came to tell us of a father's love, of a plan that He has for each of us and that in this plan the Father has sent his Son into the world that he might save the world and not condemn it. This kingdom that Jesus came to proclaim is one of life not death, of joy and peace not doom and gloom. All who believe in him will have life and have it to the full.

As followers of Jesus we approach this season with joy and hope – not fear. We anticipate this coming apocalypse of new revelation of the love of God for each of us.

We celebrate the birth of the child Jesus and we proclaim Hosanna to the highest and on earth peace to people of good will.