The Carlington Summit

A Clem's Corner Moment

Recently a friend whose own children are well past the toddler stage found herself responsible for walking a four-year-old to school. As they neared the Merivale traffic light, she thought she'd seize the teachable moment and talk about safe road crossing.

“We wait for the green light, don't we?”

“No,” said the youngster. “The light is for the cars.”

“Oh, that's right. Since we're walking, we have to wait for the white hand.”

The child looked up, then back to see if Grandma realized who she'd entrusted her only grandchild to. “There is no white hand! It's a little white man.”

In today's age, it is often who is teaching whom or is it whom is teaching who?

(this was sent to me by a friend and the friend in the story is not the friend of my stories).

Most of us at one time or another are like the man who was overheard telling his wife, "Now I know what I know, and it's no use trying to confuse me with facts!"

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