The Carlington Summit

To the Editor:

January is National Alzheimer Awareness Month.

The Alzheimer Society of Ottawa-Carleton's Honourary Chair for Awareness Month is Mr. Christopher Young. Mr. Young is in the early stages of Alzheimer's Disease and a participant in the local Alzheimer chapter's Early Alzheimer Support Group. A retired journalist, Mr. Young's extensive career included positions as Editor of the Ottawa Citizen, Senior correspondent and Moscow Bureau, and a freelance syndicated columnist for the Toronto Star. He has kindly agreed to speak out on Alzheimer Disease in order to help others.

In Ottawa-Carleton, there are 7,000 people with Alzheimer disease. By 2005, there will be 1,000 new cases in our region. Over 300,000 Canadians, or 1 in 13 over the age of 65, currently have Alzheimer Disease or a related dementia.

This year, the national theme during Alzheimer Awareness Month is “Alzheimer Disease: Facing the Millennium” and the Alzheimer Society has issued a new brochure titled “Ways to Help: Assisting Families Living with Alzheimer Disease.” It lists 10 things that friends and neighbours of someone living with Alzheimer Disease can do to support individuals and families coping with Alzheimer Disease.

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Debbie Seto.
Public Relations Co-ordinator.