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Carlington Community Health Centre’s Adopt-a-Program

Would you like to adopt a few friends for a day of fun and laughter to brighten up their lives?

The A-Day-Away program gives our neighbours with mental health issues a monthly outing, a chance to have fun with old and new friends – sliding on snow tubes, enjoying Winterlude, visiting a sugar bush.

A-Day-Away helps people with mental health issues share their experiences and develop friendships breaks the isolation of those living on their own offers people a chance to learn about other community programs such as Stop Smoking and local support groups provides a much-needed break to care-givers.

The participants pay part of their own costs and their boarding homes also contribute. Occasional donations come from community groups and service clubs. But every month we need $250 to rent a bus and help with entry and lunch expenses:

Can you adopt a few friends this winter so that your neighbours can enjoy the snowy season? Call Cathy McCurdy at 722-4000 for adoption.

Carlington Community and Health Services is a non-profit community-based health centre which provides health and social services, is committed to the well-being of our community, promotes social, economic, physical, mental and environmental health, and is responsible to the community through an elected Board of Directors. Our staff and volunteers work together to achieve these goals. For information on becoming a volunteer or a member, please call us at 722-4000.