The Carlington Summit

Intrusive Lighting from Commercial Block

As reported in the December edition of the Summit, some residents of Central Park and concerns about the amount of light coming from the new Tim Hortons building. This issue has now been resolved. Hoods were placed over the light fixtures to direct the light towards the ground and away from the homes along Celebration Street and Festive Private.

Annual General Meeting

On November 25, the Central Park Citizens Group AGM was held at the Best Western Macies' Hotel. Approximately 50 residents attended as well as City of Ottawa Councillor Jim Bickford, Regional Councillor Wendy Stewart and David Choo, President of Ashcroft Homes.

At the meeting a new board of directors was elected for year 2000. They are:

President: Larry Sargent
Vice-President: Dave Anstey
Secretary: Anders Nordstrom
Treasurer: Rita Moore
Community Coordinator: Ted Bjerkelund
Media Director: Matthew Darwin
External Liaison/Past President: Bruce Cole
Members at Large:
Crystal Park Crescent: Cherryl Noll
Central Park Drive: Tim Fuller
Celebration Street (even): Julian Egelstaff
Celebration Street (odd): Bart Hollington
Festive Private: Marcie Mycan
Trump Avenue: Mandy Bjerkelund
Bloomingdale Street: Cynthia Henwood
Whitestone Drive: Christine Tracey

Park Update

In addition to electing a new board of directors, attendees of the CPCG AGM reviewed two plans for the Central Park. The first plan was the revised City of Ottawa plan shown in the December Summit. The second plan had similar park elements, but arranged differently. The second plan was drawn up by Ashcroft.

The result of the discussion was that the revised city plan was favoured. However, residents requested that the plan be amended so that the path be moved west of the tennis courts and the tennis courts be moved closer to the road. The City has since incorporated these changes into its plan.

Holiday Lights Contest

The first event organized by the CPCG Social Committee took place on December 11th, the First Annual Holiday Lights Contest. Many households got involved with decorating their houses! The streets are definitely more lit this year than last year. The actual judging was a success - 38 people cast their votes. Hot apple cider, fresh coffee and candy canes were handed out from the garage of Anna Ekstrandh. Many appreciative comments and thank yous for organizing the event were received. Despite the cold winds, many people lingered in the garage, having cider and meeting new neighbours.

Sandy Hollington did a fantastic job by securing coffee urns, coffee, cream, cups and cider as a donation from the Cortina Deli on Baseline Road. We also got some attention from local government. The two assistants of Councilor Bickford stopped by and cast their votes. Regional Councillor Stewart sent a very nice letter and donated an “Ottawa 2000” Denim shirt for the prize table. Residents, local businesses and Ashcroft generously donated many prizes. We had four prizes for Best Decorated House and four draw prizes to encourage people to come out and vote. Here are the results from the “First Annual Holiday Lights Contest”:

Best Decorated House:

#1 15 Festive Private (12 votes) $100 Bella's Italian Bistro
#2 42 Crystal Park Cr. (6 votes) $50 Home Depot Gift Certificate
#3 33 Crystal Park Cr. (6 votes) $50 Home Depot Gift Certificate
#4 36 Crystal Park Cr. (3 votes) $25 Lone Star Café Gift Certificate

Draw Prizes:

Denim shirt Cynthia Henwood, 112 Bloomingdale
Computer Consultation Aline Smith, 53 Crystal Park Crescent
$10 Lone Star Cafe Scott Hamilton, 25 Whitestone
Tim Horton's Debbie Chow, 20 Celebration

Merivale Road Construction Coming

On February 16 starting at 1:30pm, the RMOC Transportation Committee will be holding public hearings into roadway modifications and installation of traffic control signals on Merivale Road between Baseline Road and Central Park Drive (north) to accommodate the development of the Central Park Subdivision Phase II. RMOC staff have not submitted their report as yet. However, Bill Jolliffe, the Project Manager should be able to answer specific questions you may have about the proposed modifications. You can reach him at 560-2064 ext. 1686.

If you would like to comment on this project, contact Rosemary Nelson, Committee co-ordinator to register your intention to speak and to confirm the time and location of the hearings. She can be reached at 560-1243 (bus.), 560-1380 (fax) ,

Traffic Control Within Central Park

CPCG President Larry Sargent has been in discussion about the lack of street signage in Central Park with Ashcroft Homes representative William Buchanan. Mr. Buchanan has agreed that all streets as well as the exit to the mall parking lot should have signage. Signs should be in place within the next month or so.

OMB Hearing

On February 1, 2000 the Ontario Municipal Board was to have held a pre-hearing into the plan of subdivision for the western third of the Central Park development. Results from the meeting will be forthcoming in next month's Summit.