The Carlington Summit

You know your getting old when you have to check your pill box dispenser to find what day of the week it is.

Over Christmas I upgraded the word processor to my computer. For a few more bucks I got the voice acivated version as a thought to overcome my number of typing errors. I found you don't just open the box and start dictating. You first have to make a voice profile by spending about an hour reading into the microphone. You must also learn a bunch of verbal commands (some could be humorous) to make the system work. I'm afraid my first attempt didn't go too well as I will recap. I will identify commands I give with <> symbols.

<Wake-up> <Wake-up> <Wake-up, dam it> Dam it <Scratch that> This is one of my early attempts and voice dictation with my new word processor. Sometimes it goes quite well, but sometimes you have to watch what you say. Especially if you are just getting over a cold hand half to cough. As you can see, what you say is not necessarily what comes up on the screen. Maybe I should go back to square one and do a new voice profile. I'll let you know sometime in the future how things are working out. clem. <Cap Clem>

Clem <Go to sleep>

The line ". . . another day, another dollar" is out. It is being replaced by "just another Loonie Day". Only in Canada, you say.

Nobody is sicker than those who are sick on their day off.

There is nothing so consoling as to find that one's neighbour's troubles are at least as great as one's own.