The Carlington Summit

A friend had to go across town to visit a hospital, but wasn't sure of the route to get there. “What did you do it?” I asked.

“Well, it turned out to be quite simple,” she said, “I just got on the Queensway and got off at the sign with the big ‘H' and followed them right to the hospital. Now getting home was a more difficult matter!”

Whoever says that money can't buy happiness does not know where to shop.

I'm going to revisit a subject I bring up every few years. I am sure you have experienced this as I have seen it happen almost every time I visit a grocery store. You see a cart to one side with the owner at the other end of the aisle and a number carts coming toward the stationary cart. Now, what do you suppose the lead cart will do and where? Odds are the it will be stopped next to the stationary cart blocking the other carts while the owner wanders off in search of something. One of the most annoying things is when lines of carts are approaching each other and the lead carts each stop as if on an unspoken signal, the owners turn and scan the shelves, and scan the shelves, and scan the shelves until someone says, “Excuse me.” Often one of them says, “Oh, am I blocking you?” This leads me to the urge to say, “Of course you are.” They then move their cart just enough to let a single line of traffic to pass, but which backlog moves first, do they alternate or does one backlog pass before letting the other carts to pass. Talk about road rage! The trucker demonstrations should stop at a few grocery stores for a few lessons on slowing traffic.

If you really want to understand something, try to change it.

I received many comments about the missing sway backed horse a few issues ago. Well, someone left the gate open and it got away (someone didn't apply enough glue, if any). So last month I had the old watchdog minding the gate so the old horse should be there this month.