The Carlington Summit

Reports of trouble in our schools seem to be increasingly common these days, including here in the Carlington Summit.

As a 15 year Carlington resident, and 10 year school volunteer, I share the observations and concerns of letter writer J. Johnstone about the shenanigans at W.E. Gowling School, and the frustrations of St. Elizabeth School Council with their school once again appearing on the list for possible closures.

I have picked up broken glass, empty bottles, and discarded drug paraphernalia around the play structures at both schools many times. I shared in the anger and frustration when the newly restored play structures at St. Elizabeth were set on fire a couple of years ago.

I am frustrated that the Principal at W.E. Gowling has to try to do the jobs that many people used to do. (Remember the Lighthouse Program Co-ordinator, Mental Health Worker, 2nd Vice Principal? All gone.) I am frustrated that there is only one care staff on-site during the daytime to ensure the cleanliness and security of the building - a fifty year old building that was to receive all new windows nearly a decade ago and still has not.

Our area will always house a large number of children because of all the rental townhomes that are reserved for families. It deserves better service from both school boards.