The Carlington Summit

Local developer Ashcroft Homes seems to be heading for confrontation with the Carlington community at a hearing of the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), scheduled for the 20th of March, at Ottawa City Hall in the Guigues Room. Ashcroft owner David Choo is seeking relief from the requirements of the Central Park plan of subdivision originally approved in 1992, which included a third road access on the west side connecting with Maitland and Clyde. He is asking for approval of a plan which shows only one large crescent (Central Park Drive) and two exits, both on to Merivale Road.

Ashcroft's request to delete the Maitland and Clyde access is a hot issue considering that Merivale and Baseline made it to an Ontario list of intersections with high numbers of collisions, and the northern stretch has seen a pedestrian death and several serious injuries over the past few years.

Carlington Community Association Chair Mark Lavinskas will be representing Carlington at the OMB. Members of the public are welcome.