The Carlington Summit

Carlington Community and Health Servicesís Adopt-a-Program

These kids march to a different drummer - many different drummers, in fact. Using drums, poetry, and story-telling the Youth Drum Group helps kids gain self-confidence and have fun at the same time. Can you adopt a drum to help them?

The Drum Group, a partnership with CCHS, the Carlington Chaplaincy, and the City of Ottawa, gives 25 young teenagers a chance to:

For kids who want more entertainment or recreational options, it's a great opportunity to learn new skills, show off talent, and enjoy a positive social experience under the direction of professional artists. A variety of drums and drumming techniques from several parts of the world, starting with West Africa, will provide a rich, multicultural mix - a reflection of the youth themselves who come from Cambodia, Jamaica, Somalia, Kenya, and other countries.

We already have funding from the Community Foundation of Ottawa-Carleton and the Community Arts Program of the City of Ottawa to pay for an instructor and guest artists. Parents have signed up to work as volunteers. But we need your help to start the program:

  1. Any old bongos or drum sets from your wannabe days sitting in the attic?
  2. How about rescuing a drum from a pawn shop?
  3. We have located new drums at $350 each but need seven of them. Can you buy one and make a lot of kids happy?
  4. What about helping with other percussion instruments: gourd rattles ($20), hand bells ($45), axatses ($35)?

Let's get with the beat and give the kids a chance. Call Wendy O'Connell-Smith at 722-4000 for adoption.

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