The Carlington Summit

The parents of the St. Elizabeth School are in the midst of trying to save the school from closure.

The Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board must close 2100 vacant pupil places in order to meet the Ministry of Education's capital funding model. 1200 of these pupil places are located in central west Ottawa.

In the School Areas Review Phase II report the Board has listed a number of options for the Notre Dame family of schools. The two options for St. Elizabeth are:

1. To close St. Elizabeth and move our 385 children to St. Mary/St. Thomas Aquinas off Bayswater and Beech Streets. The distance from St. Elizabeth to St. Mary's is 2.4km.

2. To close the St. Daniel School on Maitland and relocate to St. Elizabeth.

The sub-committee at St. Elizabeth School gave a presentation to the Independent Review Panel the evening of March 2, 2000 at Immaculata High School. In a brief summary, the main points of the presentation was our commitment to quality Catholic education in Ottawa west, out beautiful facility and location, and our growing community. Also by keeping St. Elizabeth open, the other options given by the Board will reduce more than 1200 pupil places which is more than half the 2100 spaces need to close in the nest year. These closures will ensure the necessary funding from the Ministry in the 15 year Capital Plan. Area Catholics who are concerned about the possible closure of St. Elizabeth are urged to write to:

The Independent Review Panel on School Area Review Phase II for the Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board
140 Cumberland Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 7G9
phone (613) 241-3161 ext. 102
fax (613) 241-5110

you may also wish to contact our trustee Bernadette Ray @ 725-3307