The Carlington Summit

The Federation of Citizens' Associations of Ottawa-Carleton (representing 25 groups in the present City of Ottawa) and the Federation of Nepean Community Associations (representing some 15 groups in the present City of Nepean) have established a “Transition Team” to investigate the opportunities for interaction between the new City of Ottawa and individual community associations or groups of associations.

The Presidents of the two organizations, Linda Hoad and Peter Runia, have written to Claude Bennett to offer assistance to the Transition Team appointed by the Province of Ontario to shape the new unified City of Ottawa.

“The FCA has over thirty years of experience working with the City of Ottawa and the Region of Ottawa-Carleton, not to mention the National Capital Commission,” says Linda Hoad, President of the FCA. “The FNCA has monitored the activities of Nepean Council for the past 15 years,” says Peter Runia, President, “and we would be pleased to put our collective experience at the disposal of the Transition Board.

“We know quite a lot about public consultation at the municipal level.”

The “Transition Team” will be drafting some options to present to FCA and FNCA members and to community groups in other parts of the Region of Ottawa-Carleton later this year.

Linda Hoad   722-3974
Peter Runia   225-6468