The Carlington Summit

Welcome to New Residents

On March 23rd, the Central Park Citizens Group held an introductory session for new residents hosted by CPCG president Larry Sargent at the Ashcroft sales centre. The residents attending were primarily from the new southern part of the development.

At the meeting, the role of the CPCG was explained and new residents were invited to join as members and directors. The CPCG would like to have a member-at-large for Scout Street as well as a representative to make sure that the CPCG is kept abreast of issues facing new residents.

A brief introduction to the ongoing development process was also provided. This ranged from the owners of the land in the early 1990s to the traffic lights Central Park Drive (south) and the recent Ontario Municipal Board hearing into the potential for a Clyde/Maitland access to Central Park.

New residents also aired some concerns such as lack of street signage, construction garbage, home security, and the perennial dog doo-doo issue.

As expected there were also many stories about joys of new home ownership.

Bidding Opens on the DOC Lands

In March, the building on the “DOC Lands” located near the intersection of Clyde and Maitland (immediately north of the Laurentian High School field) was torn down. There are now at least three bids on the property including one from Central Park developer Ashcroft Homes/Clyde Avenue Holdings.

Traffic Control Within Central Park

At the beginning of March, stop signs appeared on many streets in Central Park. This fulfilled a promise by Ashcroft Homes representative William Buchanan earlier this year. This will go a long way to reducing worry about collisions especially on Central Park Drive. Thanks to Ashcroft Homes for making this happen.

CPCG is Back in the Black

Thanks to a donation from Ashcroft Homes president David Choo, the CPCG is back in the black. The $2000 donation will go towards paying outstanding debts and organizing social events in the future.

CPCG Board News

Bruce Cole has resigned from the position of External Liaison and the position is now vacant. Also, Mandy Bjerkelund is filling in for Ted Bjerkelund while he is recuperating. We wish Ted a speedy return to good health.

General Meeting

A CPCG general meeting is planned for May 11th. The exact topics to be discussed at the meeting are not yet confirmed, however there will most assuredly be some talk about home security in light of the recent break-ins. As always, more up-to-date information can be found on the CPCG web site at