The Carlington Summit

The City of Ottawa's Active Living Club's Spring Hiking Programme will be starting on Monday 17 April and new participants are welcome to join the fun.

The Hiking Programme has been designed for people age 60+ to enjoy the great out doors in a safe, health, and fun-filled environment. There are three levels of hikes each week:

Individuals are encouraged to come out on the days they are most comfortable with, therefore, allowing them to walk at their own pace and thus build up their endurance. As participants' endurance builds, they tend to go on more hikes. Many of the participants now hike three days a week.

The fee is $35 per person ($44 for non City of Ottawa residents).

The hiking programme is one of several activities offered in the Active Living Club. During the year the members take part in cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking walking cycling and canoeing, all of which take place in the great outdoors of the Ottawa-Carleton area. As well, they may attend information workshops, and participate in social pot-luck luncheons and out of town trips.

The yearly club membership is $60 ($69 for non City of Ottawa residents). An individual buys an annual membership, there are no further fees for any of the activities.

For further information on the Spring Hiking Programme or the Active Living Club, please call 798-8734.