The Carlington Summit

With the arrival of the warm weather the Active Living Club members and participants have laced up their hiking shoes, cleaned up their bikes and embarked on learning new ways to enjoy the great outdoors in a safe environment, and are sending an invitation to all Senior Adults to join the fun.

The Active Living Club is co-ordinated by the City of Ottawa, for people in the Ottawa-Carleton Region, age 60+ to enjoy the great outdoors in a safe, healthy, and fun-filled environment.

During the month of May the participants can participate in the hiking and cycling programmes, a bike safety workshop, golf lessons, and a Kayaking demonstration.

The Hiking programme consists of three hikes a week. Monday's hike is at an intermediate level, and Wednesday's hike is at a beginner level, with advanced hikes on Friday. Most of the participants come out twice a week, but there are a few who hike three times a week.

The Cycling programme begins Tuesday, 16 May. On Tuesday mornings there is a leisurely two-hour cycle along the bicycle paths in the City. On Thursdays our tour group cycles around the Region.

Golfing lessons will be held at the Pineview Course from 16 May to 6 June. Due to a request of several of the members of the club there will be a Kayaking demonstration on Friday, 26 May at the Rideau Canoe Club. Anyone interested in this sport is welcome to come.

To register for any of the activities or if you would like further information please call Peggy MacLeod at 798-8734

The City of Ottawa's Senior Adult Active Living Club's Cycling Programme is presently wheeling out onto the Ottawa-Carleton Region's recreational pathways.

Level 1: for the beginner or timid cyclist, runs from Tuesday, 16 May until 26 September.

Level 2: for the advanced or more adventurous rider, runs from Thursday, 18 May until 28 September.

For more information, please call 798-8734.

There are also lessons for Senior Adults in Canoeing and golf.

Golf Lessons
Pineview Golf Course
Tuesdays at 1:30 to 2:00 p.m.
Beginning: 16 May to 6 June
Cost: $85.60

Canoeing Lessons
Rideau Canoe Club
Tuesdays at 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.
6 June - 27 June
Cost: $60

Also by special request
A Kayaking demonstration
Friday, 26 May at 10:00 a.m.
At the Rideau Canoe Club

For more information on any of the above mention programmes please call 798-8734