The Carlington Summit

Heritage Ottawa, in collaboration with the City of Ottawa's Heritage Programmes Unit, is inviting Ottawa residents to participate in a Millennium project: the creation of a photographic record of how Ottawa looked at the turn of this century. A permanent archival record will be the end result, and will be stored at the City of Ottawa Archives.

Participants are asked to send two photographs: one of the front of their residence, and another of their street, the streetscape. If there are people in the photographs, their names should be included. All types of housing are important for the record: single homes of all vintages, duplexes, row houses and apartment blocks. Parked cars on the street should not be avoided because they are a feature of Ottawa streets.

The most evocative depictions will be selected for display in an exhibition; the top winners will receive signed wildlife prints by Bernard Loates.

A submission form will be available at Ottawa community centres and from Heritage Ottawa.

The form requires the name, address and telephone of the participant and provides important contest details such as size of print (4x3). Black and white photographs are preferred, but colour prints will be accepted. Polaroid prints cannot be accepted. Negatives must be included with the submission.

Entries must be submitted no later than June 30, 2000 to:

Heritage Ottawa
2 Daly Avenue,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 6E2
Telephone: (613) 230-8841

All submissions become the property of City of Ottawa Archives.