The Carlington Summit

The Problem: needles and syringes discarded in parks, school yards and other public lands.

The Solution: the Region of Ottawa-Carleton's Community Clean Up Project.

The Community Clean Up Project is an innovative program that cleans up needles and syringes that have been discarded in public areas. The Region has teamed up with several community agencies and groups to design and implement this program which operates throughout the spring, summer and fall of each year.

Clean up crews, hired through day programs at drop-in centres and other community agencies, work every day to check areas of the city where discarded needles and syringes are a problem. These dedicated workers help identify new areas to check and work with the public to increase awareness about the safe handling and disposal of needles and syringes.

Improperly disposed needles are a hazard to everyone. The Community Clean Up Project is part of the solution, but everyone can help keep our community safe and clean.

For more information, please call 560-6095 ext. 2525.

Used needles and syringes do not belong in the garbage or recycling bins. If you find a needle or syringe, please call the Region's 24 Hour Call Centre at 560-1335 for disposal information.