The Carlington Summit

A BARGAIN is usually priced so reasonably they won't take it back when you find out that what is wrong with it.

Will this be the last Summit? It has survived for 17 years. I have survived 7 or so editors. Some took control and strengthened the paper; some maintained the status quo, while one only lasted about 2 or 3 issues.

Few remember why the Summit was created those many years ago. It was created to fill the gap that was not being served by the major papers. Unless it contained murder and mayhem, the big papers would not give community issues a notice. The Summit was created to bring these community issues to the forefront and to build our community pride. Well sometimes it worked and sometimes it was a struggle. Let's face it, some months, nothing much happens in Carlington (newsworthy that is). The paper is being pulled together with fewer writers, with fewer news gatherers and researchers, with fewer layout persons. There will be meeting before soon to seek some new blood to survive another year or more. If you want to get involved, give Greg a call (before August).

There is nothing so consoling as to find that one's neighbour's troubles are at least as great as one's own.

I have this friend who works hard in a small garden growing flowers to fill the season. She even has considered putting in some milkweed for the butterflies, but we won't tell the city weed control on her. She puts out seed for the birds, bread crumbs for the crows, peanuts for the squirrels. The problem starts when the weather warms up. Through the open window as the sun comes over the horizon, the crows pace noisily up and down the eaves toughing, dancing along the hydro wires to peek into the bedroom for movement. Downstairs in the kitchen, a squirrel is standing on post on the deck stretching to see if someone is getting HIS peanuts. Here and there sparrows and other small birds peek from bushes to wait their turn. But, the line was drawn last week when a friendly groundhog was seen on the deck having breakfast from a pot of daisies.