The Carlington Summit

Camping News

On the weekend of May 12-14, the 172nd Guide Company went to Camp Woolsey, the Ottawa Area Girl Guide Camp. For many of the girls, this was their first Guiding camping experience. We slept in tents, ate wonderful food prepared by the girls and guiders, and participated in many activities.

Between the raindrops, we went on a nature walk and learned about trees as we worked on our Forestry badge. We made camp gadgets and learned many camp skills. Critters were created out of walnut shell halves and the girls put on several productions on Saturday evening. Of course, no camp would be complete without a campfire or two. On Friday evening, we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores and on Sunday, we roasted our hot dogs. The girls were great sports as they battled the invasion of the six legged critters (mosquitos and blackflies) as well as eight legged critters (spiders).

A year in review

In September, we welcomed four girls to Guides along with our returning girls. In October, we went to Saunders Farm for a Halloween adventure. In November, we enrolled our new girls, sold Girl Guide minty cookies and worked on several badges. In December, we started work on our Postal badge and had a Christmas party. In January, we worked on our cookie posters, went on a “trip” to Australia and started correspondence with a Guide unit in New Zealand. In February, we celebrated Thinking Day along with the Sparks and Brownies in our district. In March, weworked on more badges and painted flower pots. In April, we sold the chocolate and vanilla Girl Guide cookies, had a drama night and learned about insects and plants. In May, we planned and went to camp, and finished off the year with badge presentations, the advancement of two of our girls to Pathfinders and a party. In June, several of the girls will attend the 90th Anniversary Celebration of Guiding in Canada at Landsdown Park.

Registration Information

Registration for Sparks (age 5-6), Brownies (7-8) and Guides (9-12) will take place on Thursday, September 14, 2000 at St. Peter's Church from 6:30-7:30. Adult volunteers are also needed to ensure that the program can continue to run smoothly, training is provided. For more information, please contact Angela Darwin at 722-4681.


Aidan McGoldrick, Lesya Nakoneczny, Cynthia Bernstein, Kelly Hoffman and Jessica LaRocque with their critter creations at camp


Girls at camp roasting their hot dogs.


The 172nd Ottawa Guide Company: back row left to right: Angela Darwin, Melissa McLean, Jessica LaRocque, Lesya Nakoneczny, Angela Renwick, Erin Renwick, Linda Darwin. Middle row: Amanda Chayer, Tahsa Tremblay, Tara Kelly, Aidan McGoldrick, Tabitha Robertson. Front row: Kelly Hoffman, Annie Chinneck, Jessica Ditz-Mathewson, Beverly Clunis, Cynthia Bernstein.