The Carlington Summit
by Kelsey Stafford.

On May 26 of 2000 it was the St. Elizabeth School's grade 6 Retreat Day. To start off the day we went to St. Elizabeth's Church for Mass. After Mass, we talked about the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and about Confirmation.

We all watched a movie called “The Choice”, about receiving Confirmation. After the movie we made acrostic poems and read them out to the other grade 6 students.

We ate lunch at Raven Park and then walked back to the church and got on the bus and went to the Shepherds of Good Hope.

When we got there we learned about what they do. They asked us if we could help them make sandwiches. After making sandwiches we got on the bus and came back to school.

I really enjoyed the day. I am looking forward to receiving the Sacrament next week.