The Carlington Summit

A number of new members were elected to the Board of Directors of Carlington Community and Health Services at this year's AGM held in June. The new members are Girde Mohamed Ali, Donna Anderson, Anne Huot, David Parks, Sylvia Wieser-Picciano, Kym Qimipikuluk (Gardner), Barbara Riley, and Daniel Stringer. CCHS welcomes them to the Board and looks forward to an exciting and productive year.

This year's Executive Committee includes Cathy Danbrook (President), Wendy Croome (Secretary), Daniel Stringer (Treasurer), and Peter Mix (Past-President). A Vice-President will be chosen at the August Board meeting. Other continuing Board members include Mary Hegan, Tracey Foster, Thérèse Ladouceur, Andre-Ku Ishaq, Joanne Allan, and Todd Marriner.

The Board is still looking for people to serve on a variety of CCHS committees. The Public Relations and Fund-raising Committee is looking for people who have the interest and energy to think of fund-raising ideas and help carry them out. The Finance Committee needs people with some knowledge of bookkeeping to serve on that committee. The Planning Committee does political advocacy and works on strategic planning for the CCHS and would like new members with interests in those areas. This year will be an important one for the Planning Committee, because during the year it will develop a new five-year strategic plan for the Centre.

If you are interested in joining any of these committees, please contact Michael Birmingham at 722-4000.