The Carlington Summit

I am happy to report that the Carlington Summit is alive and well for Volume 18. We had a general staff meeting on August the 9th, and everyone has things to do I hope. The bank account is strong, and we welcome a new Accounts Manager, David Rupar, to our number.

We have decided to assign specific “beats” to some key volunteers, in order that our reporting will be more consistent and complete. More on this next month.

We have also decided to move towards more of an all electronic format for submissions and production, to save time and the environment. Our friends at Runge Press in Renfrew are now able to receive our paper all electronically, and we hope to be there by the end of this season. Please note the instructions to contributors, and our new co-ordinates on the masthead. For those without a computer, there is a community computer available at Carlington Community and Health Services, near the centre of our neighbourhood at 900 Merivale Road. Photographs and hard copy can also be dropped of at the Health Centre.

One area where we really need help is marketing and sales. Please contact me if you can help.

Next month we will be publishing the financial statements for last year, and are preparing stories on property standards enforcement in Carlington, the Merivale Beautification Project, and all our usual contributions from schools, volunteer organizations and other news about our neighbourhood.

Over the summer we collated a set of Carlington Summits back to Volume 1, Number 1, published in September, 1983, and we look forward to reprinting some of this material in future editions. Please contact me if you would like to have access.

Thank you all for your continued support.