The Carlington Summit

The cool and wet weather hasn't dampened gardeners' spirits in the Carlington Community Garden located behind Carlington Community and Health Services at 900 Merivale Rd. Many kinds of salad greens, including lettuce and Swiss chard, have benefited from the rainy conditions and the cool days and nights. Beans and peas have been ripening all summer, and large (VERY large, in some cases) crops of zucchini have graced the tables of gardeners for weeks.

The Carlington Community Garden is a member of the Community Garden Network (CGN), a regional organization made up of a number of community gardens. On August 19 the CGN organized a tour of six community gardens. With 150 plots and 120 gardeners, our garden is the largest community garden in the region, and the tour-takers were very impressed with the size of the Carlington garden and the bounty that gardeners are harvesting.

The Carlington Community Garden is a cool, green oasis where gardeners can enjoy both the fruits of their labour as well as fun and friendship with other gardeners from a wide variety of backgrounds. If you are interested in a tour of the garden, or if you would like to find out about the possibility of having a garden plot next year, please call Diane Kampen, the Garden Coordinator, at 722-4000.