The Carlington Summit

We welcome your stories for the Summit; all we ask is that they be in some way about this neighbourhood. Try to keep them short (400 words). If you want to write a longer feature, please call the editor (729-9865) to discuss it. We really welcome stories which are submitted electronically. You can send your story by e-mail to:, or drop off a diskette at Carlington Community and Health Services, 900 Merivale. If you don't have your own computer, ask the CCHS staff about their free community computer.

Please send us your electronic stories as simple text (also called .txt or ASCII files). Do not put tabs or extra spaces at the start of each paragraph; do leave two hard returns between paragraphs so we can tell where they are. Other no-nos: please, no bold, no underline, no all- capitals, no tabs, no bullet characters, no centering text, no columns... you get the picture. Our layout artist just has to spend time taking your formatting out before he can redo the story to our own standards.

We can also accept text in WordPerfect 5.1 or in MS Word. If you have other programs, you can use their “save as” feature to save your document in a format we can read.

Thank you for giving our hard-working volunteers time to do all the other work that goes into bringing you this community newspaper!

P.S. Oh yes — to avoid disappointment for everyone, please meet our deadline.