The Carlington Summit

Something great came to St. Elizabeth in the Fall of 1999. The St. Elizabeth Fitness Club was initiated by Joe Legari, a Certified Fitness Instructor with special certification in 50+. The group met on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:45 A.M. and went through a great work-out of Aerobics and Strength Training to the background of fabulous non-pounding music.

Besides the workout, the group enjoyed some really great parties and a true feeling of belonging. Joe's “fun style workouts” certainly appealed to everyone and they are most eager to get back in the Fall of 2000. His format is designed to entice participants, and stresses it is an effective means of introducing adults to an active life style. Joe suggests alternative moves during his classes and helps individuals work at their own pace. You, men and women are cordially invited to participate in these classes. For further information call Joe at 728-0614. Remember, “It's never too late to get in shape”.