The Carlington Summit


I am writing with some updates and issues for the residents of Carlington.

First the Police have moved from Westgate, there is no community police centre there as of a few weeks ago.

We residents on Rosenthal are having a major problem with a pack of teens that have little to do. They have been harassing tenants in 1404 Rosenthal. They broke our glass security door and are raising hell. Is there not some place these kids can go to stay out of trouble? Please someone assist us. It is getting so bad, these kids leave cigarettes in hallways, come and go at all hours, and do not respect any tenants. We have alot of seniors, some sickly. Please help us.

And cyclists on the stretch of sidewalk from Baseline to Caldwell are making walking dangerous. I have seen a group of 10-15 seniors on the sidewalk. Where are we to walk? They cycle at high speeds and two abreast. I have done everything from calling the Chief of Police to City Hall and no help. It is not right that cyclists are not giving right of way to walkers in this area.

Barb Derick.