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Commuters will be able to take their first light rail trips in the summer of 2001 with the introduction of the Light Rail Pilot Project. Convenient connections to the Transitway and regular bus routes will make light rail an efficient and integrated part of the city's existing transit system.

This is the first step toward city-wide light rail transit. The two-to-four year pilot project creates an opportunity to measure per-formance, costs and rider response to this new transit option. The results of the project will help determine whether larger scale implementation of light rail transit will occur.


Passengers will be whisked along on state-of-the-art diesel-powered train. Each train is made up of three low-floor cars that offer easy access for everyone.

Manufacturer Bombardier Inc.
Model Talent BR643 DMU
Delivery First quarter 2001
Capacity 135 seated and 150 standing
Length 48 metres
Width 2.9 metres
Weight 72,000 kilograms
Top Speed 120 km/hr


The stations will be constructed to standards in keeping with a pilot project. Albeit modest, they will be safe and fully accessi-ble, and can be upgraded if the project becomes permanent. The stations at Greenboro and Bayview will be integrated into the adjacent Transitway Stations. All five train stations will provide access to the Transitway and regular bus routes.

The new stations will be fairly basic with the following amenities:


The train will run on the existing CPR Ellwood line between Greenboro in the south and Bayview in the north.


The train will be scheduled to ensure, as much as possible, timed transfers between rail and bus service. The regular fare will apply with free transfers between services.

The proposed schedule will complement the bus timetables and offers two-way 15 minute service during core hours.

Length Eight kilometres
Expected Ridership Up to 6,400 passengers daily
  Hours Frequency
Monday to Friday 06:00-06:30 30 min.
06:30-23:00 15 min.
23:00-24:00 30 min.
Saturdays 07:00-10:00 30 min.
10:00-18:00 15 min.
18:00-24:00 30 min.
Sundays and holidays 07:30-23:00 30 min.


The trains will be stored and maintained in a refurbished train maintenance building at the Walkley Yards. Bombardier Inc. will service the vehicles for the period of the pilot project.


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